Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Memoirs of a Bride (Part 5) - Bersanding

I'm so sleepy! I groggily wake up at 8.30am and get into the shower to wash off all the hair spray Moore used on me the night before. Nini Tahir is expected to come to the house to mandikan me at 9am. Moore is already here to fix my flower girls' hair but the flower girls haven't turned up. I'm all set and waiting in the shower. Nini Tahir comes and pours his COLD 'quraan water' on me and goes. Nini pengangun continues with the rest, I have another session of bertangas then I go to my room and get ready.

Guling tangan, entertainment for the morning. They were hip too! I was tapping my feet on the pelamin!My pelamin. A family belonging bought by my grandmum. First used by my mum on her wedding 26 years ago. Fixed by the carpenter from Citra Idaman (Kiulap). Curtains and wallpaper from Haska. Golden pillars lent by Aunty Hjh Noraini. Real flowers on stands from Willyn florist (Kiulap). Jawi centrepiece (reads Allah selamatkan pengantin baru) drawn by my grand dads worker in Pusat Sejarah

Moore finishes with the girls and blow dries my hair as Bu Amas comes. I have the makanan suap-suap (nasi kuning, the boiled egg with the shell coloured red, and some other dishes which apparently were served just because it was tradition) then I scuttle off to have my make up and hair done. It was nearly 11 and I'm later than planned. The kids are all restless (and hungry) so they watch Cinderella 3 and have my junk snacks.
Flower girls. Tiara's and earrings from Singapore. Lace used on gowns from Royal Fabrics (Singapore), glitter chiffon for skirts from 1 st Metro. Dresses made at Nie Boutique (Kiulap). Flowers by Willyn florist (Kiulap)My veil lent by my KK cousin (Ka Zura). Tenunan Brunei sponsored by Babu, made from ZA handicraft (Tungku). My outfit made at Luire by Raden Sirait ( Jakarta). Tiara and Jewellery lent by Busera's mum. My hand bouquet from Willyn florist (Kiulap)

Just after noon I'm let off to change, run back up and Moore puts on my tiara, finishes off with my hair and puts on my veil. Bu Amas does final touches on my make up. I persistently complain that my tiara isn't levelled so Moore keeps sticking on pins into my hair. Zalina a.k.a. ZZ, my beautiful maid of honour (qualified veil carrier) appears at 12:30 apologizing repeatedly for being late and starts practicing carrying my veil despite my still sitting down being made up. Ainul, Sera, Sab and Bibi puts on my shoes for me and I'm done! Picture time!
Z practicing holding the veil
Jimmy Choo's lent by Busera
Prince Charming has arrived

Bapa comes up asking if my husband has left (in which I don't know) and he goes ballistic on me saying that the 'mens side' was expected to leave home at 1pm. But its 1.20pm, so I call my husband and he tells me he just got in the car. Oh no! I still continue having pictures with my friends before my two Bu Irings appear to bring me down. My 6 flower girls shuffle in line. I turn to make sure Z is doing ok with the veil and I walk.
When the lights went off! With Princess Nasibah My cousins (mum's side)

As we reach the ground floor, I see tons of mobile phones in the air. I flash smiles to as many as I can before I go in the pelamin room. My aunt stands in front of me (to cover me from the crowd) as I sit and give instructions for Z on how to fix my veil. They're done, they leave and I look up. So many people! So many cameras! So much fun! I'm relaxed, no jitters nor nerves. I look all around the room at everyone I could see. Then I see my aunts! More reminders of my wandering eyes. I give a guilty smile as I look straight to the wall and wait for the arrival of my 'prince'.
Muneerah catching my bouquet!
Ordered from Singapore via Mangkuk Emas Trading (Batu Bersurat – same row as Red Canopy Café), Flower bought in Jakarta (Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua), Ribbon bought from UK (

Chatter of him arriving gets into the pelamin room. Soon after, he enters looking very angry and serious. I smile thinking to myself of how 'controlled' he's trying to be. He rests his hand on my forehead (for the menapak), he sits and the salawat is read. Princess Nasibah comes out and sits then babu comes up to us to tell me to salam her. Babu invites Princess to take a picture and she walks towards the pelamin. Just as she stands next to me, the lights go off! Despite that, the photographers are still taking pictures. I worry on how long we'd be electric-less but not long after, the lights go back on and a choir of "naaaahhhh" starts.

More pictures were taken. Then we're told to go out to the door and wave to people outside. As I look out I think "sunshine!" I don't know why it felt so relieving to see the sun. I must've been cooped in the house for such a long time (since berbedak) for me to appreciate seeing outdoors. Shuffle left, shuffle right, look straight and go in. The crowd starts to thin but we're still taking pictures till around 4pm.

Unedited entry by the bride herself, Muizzah.
Photography by eyan.

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